You might call chip seal the original paving solution. Rudimentary chip seal was used on early Roman roads to control dust and erosion in high traffic sections. Still in use today, and favored as a low cost, low maintenance solution, chip seal provides a natural appearance that will last for years. Not every pavement contractor has the experience and tools to work with chip seal. At GPM we do. If you’ve been looking for chip seal experts, give us a call.

Chip Seal Installations

Chip seal is often the preferred pavement solution for large, more rural projects. By planning effectively, installation can be completed quickly with minimum traffic disruption. Popular applications include:

  • Private roads
  • Wineries
  • Rural parking lots
  • Farm & ranch roads

Featured Projects

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GPM did a great job, quickly and at a great price. I would recommend them.

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The Right Chip Seal for Your Project

Chip seal consists of small stones or “chips” uniformly spread over a specialized emulsion, applied to an expertly prepared surface, then broomed to perfection. The 3-step application process means that timing is critical. Chips need to be applied before the binder “sets”,  but brooming too early can destroy the surface. GPM is experienced in best practices for chip seal installation and can help you make product choices that fit your project and preferences.

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Binder – Depending upon climate, type of chips, existing conditions and other factors, there are several specialized emulsions to best bind the chips. A GPM expert will help you select the best binder for your unique project.

Chips – With our quarry partners, GPM provides a wide variety of surface textures and colors. It’s all about the stone. We offer a wide range of colors and durability to match your desired final appearance. A range of textures are also available with varying degrees of roughness.

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Chip seal is chosen for its many advantages, which include:

  • Rustic look and feel
  • Lower cost than asphalt or concrete
  • Low maintenance
  • A solid upgrade —  for gravel or dirt roads
  • Greatly reduces dust
  • Inhibits erosion and weather damage

Repair & Maintenance

Maintenance is truly minimal. A chip seal installation is pretty much a “one-and-done” affair. Installations will provide several years of service. Chip seal is often used to rejuvenate areas where the existing surface has deteriorated.

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The GPM Difference

GPM’s chip seal team has the best materials, the right equipment, thorough training, and extensive experience. We are experts in all aspects of a chip seal application from project requirements to solution specifications to scheduling & installation. You get a job that starts on time, stays on schedule, and completes on time. That’s a big reason why General Pavement Management has enjoyed over 30 years of successful service to residential communities, commercial properties, and industrial facilities from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo. We’d be happy to serve you, too. Contact Us.

Chip Sealing FAQs

What does chip sealing do?

Chip sealing is applying a protective top layer to existing asphalt to extend its life. It is also a great upgrade to a dirt or gravel road if you want to pave a rural road but can’t afford asphalt. It will help protect cars from kicking up dirt and rocks since it seals the top of the road.

Is chip sealing worth it?

Absolutely! It extends the life of asphalt, is low maintenance, and offers excellent traction in snowy or icy conditions. Chip sealing is also an excellent alternative to paving a dirt or gravel road, which can help prevent roads from getting washed out in storms. It is also low maintenance and affordable, so using it on a dirt or gravel road is a great way to give it some paving without purchasing asphalt.

What does it mean when a road has chip sealing completed?

It means that a layer of chip seal has been applied to the asphalt on that road, extending the lifespan of its existing asphalt.

Does chip seal last longer than asphalt?

No, chip seal does not last as long as asphalt. Chip seal usually lasts five to seven years, and asphalt has an average lifespan of 18 years.

How long does it take chip seal to cure?

Depending on how warm the weather is when applied, chip seal can take up to two days to cure.

What is the general cost difference between chip seal and asphalt?

Chip seal is a much more affordable option than asphalt.

What is General Pavement Management’s process for quoting chip seal?

To get started getting a quote for chip seal, you just need to fill out our contact form with the details of your project, and we will be in touch to discuss it further and get your quote started.