Everyone knows what happens to “castles built on sand”. The same is true for pavement. Site preparation is extremely important. That includes proper excavation, effective compaction, and a grading solution to control the flow of surface water over the finished project. If the grading is not done correctly, your pavement will soon need major renovations. After 30 years in the business, GPM knows the importance of an expertly prepared site, and has the experience to do it the right way, the first time.

Pavement Grading Services

GPM takes a big picture view of grading that includes comprehensive preparation of the site, including:

  • Rough & Fine Grading – that meets local and state requirements
  • Grubbing and Land Clearance – digging out roots & rocks (grubbing), hauling away debris
  • Site Preparation – stabilization and compaction prior to all paving installation
  • Demolition / Excavation – of any prior pavement, large objects or structures
  • Compaction – multiple rolls to drive excess air & water out of the sub base
  • Undercutting & Geo Grids – to firm up soft spots in the sub base
  • Drainage Assurance – maintain correct elevation and storm water retention

Featured Projects

Pavement Grading 1

We are very pleased with the re-grading of the parking lot making it less hazardous leaving the parking lot. The job was completed in a timely manner and it was a pleasure working with Gabe to complete the job. I highly recommend GPM.

Christian Science Society

Pavement Grading 2

Why Is Grading So Important?

Water is the #1 cause of damage to any pavement project. Ideally, we want water to flow off the pavement quickly, but also in a controlled manner. Any pooling will damage your pavement, usually sooner than later in the form of cracks, heaving, potholes, and sinkholes.

Pavement grading is especially important for transitions. It’s more likely that your pavement project will butt up against one or more existing pavements — such as a street, sidewalk, or driveway. Grading at such transitions needs to not only control water flow but also make for a smooth transition between surfaces without a dangerous bump or trip hazard.

That’s why grading is a fundamental component of any pavement project. It is a key component to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

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The GPM Difference

GPM uses the latest technology — including laser-guided transits and automatic motor graders — to calculate and achieve the correct geometry for a successful grading outcome. The secret to getting great results from your paving project is the right site preparation – which depends on the proper tools, thorough training, and considerable experience. At GPM, we’ve got all three. Contact Us to discuss how GPM can get your pavement grading where it needs to be – we serve communities from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo.