Pavement projects typically need to be finished off with some type of marking or striping to help manage the flow of traffic. Please remember, there are many ADA compliance regulations that govern pavement markings, which means it’s important to get the job done right — the first time. GPM knows federal and state laws and the most practical and cost-efficient ways to comply with them. These laws change often, and we leverage technology, information, and education in order to stay on top of the adjustments.

Pavement Marking

  • Parking Spaces.
  • Disabled Parking Zones.
  • Crosswalks.
  • Stop Bars.
  • Stenciling (“Visitor”, “Reserved”, “Compact”).
  • Custom Stenciling (Numbers, Names, etc.).
  • Signage.
  • Mechanical Markers.
    • Reflective & Non-reflective.
    • Rumble Strips.
    • Turtles & Botts’ Dots.
  • Parking Bumpers.
  • Curb Painting.

The staff are amazing the time that they take to answer not only my questions but my HOA questions, the quick responses to emails , attending meetings, meeting us at the property. Then the work that they do at my properties from cement to asphalt is impeccable. I highly recommend General Pavement Management whether it is a large job or a small pot hole this company will take care of your every need.

Crystal R

GPM Pavement Marking

GPM team has decades of experience with pavement marking. That includes specialized knowledge of “best-practices” and traffic control. We use professional grade paints that are best-suited to your project, state-of-the-art striping machines,. We will work with you to create an accurate budget and effective notification strategy.

GPM gives you start-to-finish pavement marking services that include:

  • Planning
    GPM will provide a plan that takes your unique needs into consideration:

    • Amount and type of traffic.
    • Climate and weather conditions.
    • Federal / State  ADA regulations.
    • Scheduling and notifications to the public and/or residents.
  • Design
    GPM works with you to create a design that matches the overall aesthetic and landscaping of your site.
  • Pavement Preparation
    Before painting, the surface needs to be clean so that the paint will bond tightly & permanently to the pavement.
  • Application
    Armed with a detailed plan, the best paint for the job, and a right-sized line striping machine, the GPM team will lay down perfect, clean lines. We’re sticklers for accuracy — we never color “outside the lines”!
  • Maintenance
    GPM will give you a maintenance plan to make sure your pavement lines always look good and are up to code.

Contact Us to discuss how GPM can dress your pavement for success!