Asphalt cracks are normal and occur over time. Eventually, unsealed cracks will lead to sub-base failure, resulting in extremely costly repairs. Crack sealing is a cost-efficient solution that can last for years. Properly done, crack sealing inhibits water penetration and stops a crack from getting larger. Crack sealing is inexpensive compared to major repairs, and can be done quickly, at any time of the year. The experts at GPM will help you create a practical plan to stop cracks from turning into more serious issues down the road.

Crack Sealing Installations

Crack sealing will extend the life of your asphalt. GPM follows a multi-step process to ensure a lasting, durable result:

  • First the crack is thoroughly cleaned of all dirt, dust, and debris using an industrial air compressor.
  • If necessary, an environmentally friendly herbicide is applied.
  • Next, the crack is sealed.
  • Finally, the surface is smoothed to achieve a true seal that is watertight.

Featured Projects

We used GPM to repair approximately 800 square feet of potholes on a shared private road and to seal our private driveway. Throughout the process, the project manager kept us informed and was very responsive to our questions. The crew did an excellent job, going above and beyond expectations with no disruption to neighbor traffic. I would highly recommend this company for road repairs.

Kristine W.

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The Right Crack Seal for your Project

Depending upon the condition of existing pavement and type of cracks, GPM will determine the right treatment for your asphalt cracks. Sealants vary, depending on the type of crack and paving material. Most common applications include:

  • Rubberized Hot Pour
    Hot pour sealants are the professional’s choice for cracks. The sealant is rubber-based and is applied using a special machine that heats the sealant to get a much stronger bond with the asphalt.  Hot pour delivers superior results, and allows traffic more quickly than “cold pour”.
  • Rubberized Cold Pour
    Cold pour sealants are generally only used for smaller cracks or on asphalt that exhibits few cracks. The sealant is a water-based acrylic latex and is applied by hand.

The GPM Difference

There are many kinds of cracks and a variety of repair options. With over 30 years of successful service to residential communities, commercial properties, and industrial facilities, GPM knows what will work best for your specific project. Contact Us to discuss how GPM can make long-lasting and economical repairs to your pavement with professionally applied crack sealing.