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5 Key Steps To Asphalt Maintenance

If you own an asphalt driveway, parking lot, road, or other surface, you know that asphalt is a significant investment. Asphalt doesn’t come cheap! A simple asphalt driveway could cost you several thousand dollars - not to mention parking lots or miles upon miles of roadway. If you’ve invested money into your asphalt, you likely... Read more »

5 Ideal Applications For Chip Sealing

You have plenty of options when paving your driveway, private road, or other surfaces. With all the options, making an informed decision may seem overwhelming. Don’t worry! We can help you make a solid decision about the best method for your needs. Today General Pavement Management would like to introduce you to a cost-friendly, easy... Read more »

Understanding the A-Z of Sealcoating

Chances are, you already understand the significance of keeping the asphalt on your property well-maintained. When you maintain your asphalt, it enhances curb appeal, promotes safety, and can even save you money on property upkeep over time. At General Pavement Management we like to emphasize that sealcoating is the foundation of proper pavement maintenance! In... Read more »